Generally speaking, there are 3 ‘systems’ of wargames terrain:

1. Fixed, landscaped boards that interlink.
2. A flat surface with terrain laid on top.
3. A cloth covering some form of shaper to create contours and then terrain on top.

I have long since adopted System 3, based very much on the mats I make but, whether you follow number 2 or number 3, you need terrain to lay on top. This can become a real challenge as much in the way of terrain is inflexible and so you can end up with bits of roads sticking up into the air or being confined to putting them on the flat. The answer is, of course, flexible items and so my long search for the right solution has gone on and on – BUT NO MORE!! Early War Miniatures:

have the solution.

I have the Open Tracks 20mm to 28mm scale:

DSC02288 DSC02287

The Open narrow Tracks 20mm to 15mm:

DSC02282 DSC02285 DSC02283 DSC02284 DSC02286 DSC02294

and the Flowing Streams 20mm to 15mm:

DSC02295 DSC02297 DSC02293

And I am absolutely delighted with them. Why?

Question: Are they really flexible?

Answer: Yes, very much so – you can bend them to angles you would never need on a wargames table without problem.

DSC02291 DSC02296

Question: How easy are they to paint?

Answer: Very. You need to use water based paints but I mainly used hobby paints rather than the more expensive modelling ones and they worked really well. The detail is clear and distinct and really helped with dry brushing. I wanted my roads to be widely useable theatre wise and so did a simple base coat and a dry brush and job done, although you could do several layers of dry brushing. The addition of grass also really brings them to life, as I did with the streams.

Question: Aah, but surely the paint flakes off when you flex them?

Answer: Not at all! The material is a latex and the upper layers are ‘porous’ and so the paint actually sinks in and becomes part of the material – it is almost as if you are colouring the material. I have given mine some rough treatment and lost not a fleck of paint so far! Here is a shot taken immediately after I had curled the road up for the shot above:


As you can see – perfect!

Question: Do they need varnishing?

Answer: No because the paint sinks in. That said, I used gloss varnish for the water and they are still more than flexible enough.

Question: What’s the range like?

Answer: Good and expanding.

Question: Where can I see them?

Answer: Either at the Early War Miniatures Trade Stand or come along and see me at any of the Shows I attend:

Question: Where can I buy them?

Answer: From Early War Miniatures:

although you can order through them and collect from me at a Show, if that is more convenient for you.

So, overall, I am VERY impressed with these. They fit my needs exactly, look great, are easy to paint and are very robust. I really do recommend taking a look at this growing range. Five Stars!!

Monty the Desert Rat

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