Matt varnish, that old chestnut!! I really do wonder how much ink has been spilt on the subject! Anyway, first up, I prefer a matt finish – it’s not for all and very much horses for courses. I have searched high and low for the best matt varnish and I have tried LOTS! Late last year, good Monty chum Erik of Figures in Comfort suggested I try the varnish he sells and so I did and I am VERY pleased. Plus points:

  1. A very matt finish with no need for glossing first (I have been told some matt varnishes work better dulling a gloss coat). But this really is a good, even and matt finish – in my opinion, as good as Dullcote, which seems to be the standard everyone refers to.
  2. A very good spray mechanism. It is not too powerful, has an even coverage but not too wide an arc allowing you to spray at a gentle pace across the models and get a thorough but even coverage.
  3. No wastage so far! I often have problems with sprays clogging or the mechanism just not working very well anymore despite always turning them upside down at the end and spraying to clear. Not so with these.
  4. Value for money. These are £9.00 for 400ml, Dullcote is about £4.60 for 85g. Now I am only a rat and maths was never my strong point, but I reckon based on size (which DOES matter) that the Figures in Comfort spray is more than twice the size of the Dullcore one.
  5. Availability. I have never known of an issue getting varnish from Figures in Comfort, I have personally experienced a lot of difficulty over the years getting Dullcote.


  1. I have not experienced any issues but I am told this varnish can be affected by cold weather, as can, in my experience, pretty much all sprays and especially varnishes. I have also been told that a simple second coat in better conditions solves any ‘misting’.
  2. I have been told some people have suffered from ‘clogged nozzle’ syndrome – no problem, let Erik know and he’ll send you a new nozzle.

Overall, these have become our default varnishes and we are very happy with them. Many thanks to Erik for bringing them to our attention.

Rat Rating: 8½ out of 10

Note: Health and Safety – I’m no expert and this is no place for a lecture, but there are risks associated with spraying and it really is very important to make sure we understand these risks and address them. Personally, I just get one of the staff to do the spraying………..!!


Monty the Desert Rat

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