On Thursday evening I took the trip down to the club in Edinburgh for another playtest of Cold War CoC.

The scenario was that the British had occupied the village of Hohenrode and that this blocked the route of the Soviet advance. It had to be cleared!

The table was as seen below with the British end being by the line of buildings.


Neither side threw well for Force Morale but the Soviets got the initiative.

The Patrol Phase went as normal, with the British getting the maximum number of free moves and pushing forward aggressively. They ended up with their 3 JOPs quite spread – one in the building area on their right, one in the centre building of the row at the back and one on the table edge on their left. All 3 Soviet JOPs ended up on their baseline and quite close together by the road.


As part of the support to their standard, BMP mounted Motor Rifle platoon, the Soviets had 2 Preliminary Barrages – one of HE to disrupt deployment and one of smoke to cover their advance. They used the latter well to cover a push up their left with 2 dismounted teams and a BMP in support. The third dismounted team masked their right.


The British played a very cool game. Rolling their Command Dice but choosing to remain inactive, building towards the CoC Chit/Dice needed to end the first turn and get rid of the barrage and smoke. Of course, just as they were toying with coming on, the Soviets threw for a double phase and pushed through the smoke to block the right hand British JOP!


However, the British ended the Turn and got rid of the smoke and barrage (the JOP didn’t fall just yet) and deployed 2 sections in the treeline covering their right flank and forward towards the Soviet team masking this area. The Soviets used an interrupt to get their on table BMP out of the way of any AT weapons, a dismounted team by the British JOP took some very effective fire and lost a couple of men and took some shock, dodging into the building to recover. The other dismount team was in cover and busily removing the British JOP – causing a Force Morale roll. The Soviet team on their right started to lay down covering fire but their firepower was no match for the British. However, the remaining 2 BMPs deployed to off table fire positions and their HE started to really shift the balance. Realising this, the Soviet commander moved his on table BMP into a fire position and let rip too. But the British Carl Gustav gunner was a cool man, he took careful aim, it was a hard shot, but BOOM, a direct hit (10 on 2 dice!!!) and a net 3 hits for a KO. The Soviets tested for Force Morale, which dropped hard. The British then focused fire on the isolated team on their left and wiped it out – more Force Morale loss. Only the Platoon Sergeant remained there, but not for long. A further wave of fire and he succumbed. This last Force Morale test broke the Soviets and game over!!


I felt this was another really good test for the rules – the last had been with novices, these guys know CoC very well and also included ex military. The rules got a pretty all round thumbs up, although we did agree that the Soviets just aren’t right yet (many good ideas were, however, exchanged so I expect to be very close with them next time). So, excellent progress, I’m now revising the rules in the light of experiences so far and they are due 3 more runs out at least in the next few weeks, so we shall see how it all goes – watch this space!

Monty the Desert Rat



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