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The way I paint is to use a coloured base coat close to the main colour I am using and I apply this by spray, generally from a can. We have seen many coloured primers come on the scene over recent years and I have tried many of them along with Montana Gold sprays. Anyway, along come the latest from the good chaps at PSC and so I thought I’d give them a try – VERY impressed. Good points:

  1. The spray is not overly powerful, so light components don’t go flying off across the garage (didn’t expect a rat to have a garage? Where do you think I keep the caravan!!).
  2. The flow is steady and nicely focussed, so you can target the item you want and dwell for a moment to cover it.
  3. The paint is not too thick – I was concerned that it might clog detail but not so. If you look at the PSC T34s on my Flickr site (, they were base coated this way and the detail was as sharp as before (and that is SHARP – these are very nicely cast models).
  4. I have yet to have a problem with cans failing or clogging – a simple upside down spray when finished and they have always been good to go next time. This is a real bonus, I have thrown out far too many other, half finished cans as they stopped working, I reckon I’ll get to the bottom of these.
  5. They are good sized cans and, I feel, good value for money.

Bad points:

  1. Sometimes a second spray can be necessary if you want a really strong base that you can work from without a brush over first. Not really a negative, I suppose, if it were any different it would mean the paint was so thick clogging would be a problem and I therefore think PSC have it right.

Rat Rating: 8½ out of 10

SP009-US-Olive-Drab-spray-small SP008-British-Khaki-spray-small SP007-Russian-Uniform-spray-small SP006-Feldgrau-spray-small

Note: Health and Safety – I’m no expert and this is no place for a lecture, but there are risks associated with spraying and it really is very important to make sure we understand these risks and address them. Personally, I just get one of the staff to do the spraying………..!!

Monty the Desert Rat

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