Well I should have done this ages ago! I’ve always kept my paints in a drawer and that was okay whilst there were few enough that I didn’t have to open the drawer more than about two thirds of the way. However, since starting Monty’s, the number of paints has increased, filled that drawer and the best part of another. After several near disasters (and the odd real one!) with drawers falling out or the cabinet tipping over I decided enough was enough.

So, as I was going to Warbases yesterday, I picked up some of their racks and they are the business! They just slot together and bingo, storage for paints!

DSC02076 DSC02075

You could glue them and I probably will at some point but I was just too impatient to do anything like that. The ‘stack’ you see above is currently held together with blu-tac! Again, glue will be a more lasting solution, but I want to be sure I have the arrangement I like before doing anything more permanent. The stack is also pretty stable given that my painting table doesn’t provide the best surface for such things.

So, all in all, delighted, and good value at the price.

Monty the Desert Rat

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