Yes, I know I have been quite of late – a combination of illnes (flu type, nothing serious), building work at Monty HQ and so it goes on. However, here goes with some more eye candy!!

First off, some RN chaps from the NZ wars:

DSC01536 DSC01535 DSC01539 DSC01534 DSC01533 DSC01538 DSC01540 DSC01537

And then some more WW1 British and Germans,

DSC01554 DSC01553 DSC01552 DSC01551 DSC01555 DSC01549 DSC01546 DSC01547 DSC01550

And, finally, some WW2 early British:

DSC01560 DSC01564 DSC01565 DSC01559 DSC01566 DSC01563 DSC01557 DSC01558 DSC01568 DSC01567 DSC01561 DSC01562

Hope you enjoy,

Kind regards,

Monty the Desert Rat

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