News and new releases from the lads at Battlefront:

This week we see the release of the next batch of Gothic scenery these are perfect for Dust Tactics and other 28mm sci fi games.

20140305 BF 1

20140305 BF 2

We also have the new Italy Battles book which features the infantry aces campaign rules.

20140305 BF 4

Italy Battles (FW229)

“The stubbornness of the German defence at Cassino and on Monastery Hill was already a byword, for although the Monastery had been bombed, and the town of Cassino was a heap of ruins, the Germans still held firm and blocked the road to Rome. I realised the cost in lives must be heavy, but I realised too the importance of the capture of Monte Cassino to the Allied cause…”

~ Polish General Wladyslaw Anders comments on the situation at Cassino, March, 1944.

What Is Italy Battles?

Italy Battles contains the best scenarios from the original Dogs & Devils and Cassino books, as well as the Battlefront Studio’s favourite web and Wargames Illustrated scenarios, and updates them for the third edition of Flames Of War, and the two Italy compilations: Road to Rome and Fortress Italy. Italy Battles also includes rules for running Linked Mission Campaigns and Axis Of Attack Campaigns, including Axis Of Attack campaigns for Anzio and Cassino.

 And for those of you who missed the new Panzer IVH release.

GBX79 Plastic Panzer IV H Platoon

   20140305 BF 3

 And remember, you can get all these lovely goodies through us at what I think is a fantastic price, see the post  MONTY’S IN CONJUNCTION WITH PLASTIC SOLDIER COMPANY AND BATTLEFRONT PRESENT A NOT TO BE MISSED OPPORTUNITY

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