This Blog is in no way restricted to any one set of rules or any rules publisher – our hobby is a broad one and we all look for our fun and enjoyment in different ways, so what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another, and that is a very good thing! We are blessed these days with lots of different rules and so we have many to choose from. Personally, I am a very big fan of TooFatLardies. Why, well, it could be Rich and Nick’s charm, charisma and boyish good looks, but I suspect not! It is, in reality, because they write rules that hit the mark for me, ticking all the right boxes:

  1. Fun! This is my hobby and I want to enjoy it, so I want games that I enjoy regardless. What constitutes fun? That’s for each and every one of us to decide for ourselves, but it is top of my list.
  2. Simple to learn. I want to spend my time gaming not searching rule books or up to my ears in reference sheets, I want to have games that focus me on what I feel I should be doing – making decisions – and not on mechanics. I also want games I can take to a Club or put on as a participation game at a show with the players quickly able to grasp the basics.
  3. Realism. The history is a key part of my hobby and the very strong grounding all TooFatLardie rules have in history and the accounts of those that were there is an immense draw for me. I want to be able to use period tactics, understanding them and their strengths and weaknesses and get realistic results.
  4. Friction. It is there is every account and experience I have of military operations – for me, it must be central to any rules.
  5. Command. There are 3 points here, I am representing a commander, first of all I want it to be clear what level that is at e.g. company, I want to have the right focus i.e. 2 down, section for a company commander, and I want to be faced with the decisions company commanders faced.

And, simply, TooFatLardie rules deliver all this for me and have become my wargaming Nirvana (not the band!!). So, expect me to write lots about Lard because I love it, but remember, as I said at the start, that is not to say it is right for everyone and nor is it to say everyone should play Lard – play what floats your boat and feel free to post about it here.

Monty the Desert Rat

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