This post has been due for some time and I may well be about to do myself out of some work! But I do feel this is well worth sharing. Courtesy of the chaps at TooFatLardies, I have been drawn to the Spanish Civil War and the Espana! supplement to their excellent Chain of Command rules. Anyway, as I’m busy working on other people’s stuff, I have been trying to build up what I need in the margins and one requirement was buildings – 15mm in my case. I happened across some on EBay and they looked both pretty decent and at a good price, especially as they came ready painted. Following the links there, I got to the source of these products – Area 9. I had a good look through their website and was stunned at the difference, or rather lack of it, between prices for unpainted and painted. There had to be a catch here, I thought to myself. Anyway, I dipped my toe in and got a couple through EBay and was really pleased. For a very good price, I got a nicely cast building with removable roofs etc and it was painted to a pretty good standard too. I have now bought lots more (no specifics, Blogs have ears!!!!!) and have built up a good collection of varied buildings and I am very happy with them indeed. I may have a tinker – add some creeper foliage, maybe repaint some of the detail to get a variety of colours, but that’s just me. I could equally just put them on the table and they would do perfectly good service. I have added some photos to the bottom of this post so you can see for yourselves, although these photos really don’t do them justice, and I really do recommend checking their website and EBay store:



Neil is also a really nice bloke to do business with.

Rat Rating: 8 ½ out of 10!


Monty the Desert Rat


DSC01412 DSC01411 DSC01413 DSC01407 DSC01406 DSC01410 DSC01405 DSC01409 DSC01408 DSC01418 DSC01417 DSC01416 DSC01415 DSC01414



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