We’re all going…….on tour!! Although I have attended many shows and helped with games, I have never staged one myself – GULP! This year with the emergence from the shadows of Monty and with the opportunity to team up with TooFatLardies as a Lard Ambassador (someone seeking to help spread the Lard!), that is changing.

 So, where will we be? So far we are looking good for:

Carronade on 10 May – PSC and Battlefront products available for pre order, deadline is 27 April.

Deep Fried Lard on 7 June – PSC, Figures in Comfort and Battlefront products available for pre order, deadline is 18 May.

Durham on 14 June

Claymore on 2 August – PSC and Battlefront products available for pre order, deadline is 20 July.

Battleground on 29 November

I have also applied to Border Reiver in August, Skelp in October and Targe in November, but these are some way off and nothing is confirmed at this stage.

 And what will we be doing (with the exception of Deep Fried Lard):

The aim is to run a series of scenarios – 2 games at each show generally running 10:30 to 12:30 and 13:30 to 15:30 (a rat needs a good lunch!)

Every game will be different – I have produced a total of 22 scenarios covering Operation WINTERGEWITTER (WINTER STORM), the German drive to link up with the Stalingrad garrison in December 1942, all focussed on 6th Panzer Division and the Soviet units they fought against. I have also been discussing publishing these scenarios in conjunction with TooFatLardies, more to follow!

I will be ‘telling the tale’ as we go through this Blog and, possibly, the Lard Island Blog too. We will follow our respective sides through this operation as they battle each other.

What rules: TooFatLardies’ OUTSTANDING “Chain of Command” and campaign supplement “At the Sharp End”.

Can I pre-book a place – of course, I’d be delighted.

What do I need to bring – nothing except yourself, a sense of humour and a good slice of luck, everything else (less refreshments!) will be provided.

 Will we be doing anything else:

Subject to the permission of the Show organisers, I may be able to offer my ‘pre order and collect on the day’ service for Plastic Soldier Company and Battlefront (including Gale Force 9) products (see http://theratreport.com/?p=20). I have annotated some shows already with this option and, if available, I will notify it here well in advance with clear deadlines for orders and payment.

I may also have items for sale on the Bring and Buy but that depends on on the day arrangements and probably the presence of an assistant – great I may be, but I haven’t yet mastered the art of being in 2 places at the same time!! If this is going to happen, I will post here so everyone knows and I will also give an idea of what I’ll be bringing!

And I’d be delighted to meet anyone for a chat, although I would ask for patience during game time as the players will have to be my focus at those times.

 I hope to see you there!

 Monty the Desert Rat

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