Preparations for our participation game this year march on and I took the opportunity of the game last week to take some photos of the stuff I have been preparing, so here goes!!

First off, a village in Russia. The buildings are Kerr and King and I have really enjoyed painting them – they are lovely buildings and I really do like the damage effects they have, especially as they have gaps. The trees are Woodland Scenic tree armatures and the fences are from Ironclad  (nice pieces and very good value). The wagons are Battlefront.

DSC01060 DSC01059 DSC01058

And now Soviets advancing through the village – a PSC T70 and Peter Pig infantry (lovely sculpts and easy to paint too!!)

DSC01062 DSC01064 DSC01065

Svetlana the Sniper (Peter Pig) and a PSC 45mm ATG with Peter Pig crew lurk in the woods!

DSC01067 DSC01063

While the Germans prepare in another village. First up, a Battlefront Sdkfz 10/5, then Battlefront wagons and a PSC Sdkfz 251/C in the centre of the village – this time with some Ironclad buildings added in – these are also very nice and good value.

DSC01069 DSC01071 DSC01072  DSC01074 DSC01075 DSC01070

And now for the Panzers!! A PSC Panzer IV covers whilst a Panzer Keil of 3 Mark IIIs advances across the Steppe. The 2 in grey are Battlefront and the camoflaged one is from Peter Pig. A Battlefront Marder III also provides cover from some trees (Noch pine trees).

DSC01061 DSC01066 DSC01068

I’ll be posting an update on show dates in the next few days – we really do hope to see you on our travels and, if you fancy a game with us, please do let me know and I’ll reserve you a slot!

Monty the Desert Rat

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