I got a very nice package in the post over the weekend! I needed some 6mm stuff for a commission and also some Eastern Front stuff for an upcoming Monty project about which I am VERY excited, but more of that in due course (what a tease!!). Anyway, I came across Leven Miniatures, who make 6mm buildings and placed an order and I am DELIGHTED.

The buildings are excellent – some of the best and most cleanly cast I have seen. I have had a good look through and I reckon over 90% will need no cleaning at all and the rest nothing more than a quick scrape along an edge with a sharp knife. The detail is crisp and clear and should make painting quite easy, especially for those of us using wash and drybrush methods. I won’t inflct my poor photgraphy on you at this stage, I’d suggest going to the website to see the models, but watch out for photos of the painted versions in due course!

Service was also outstanding – very quick. Packaging was excellent and I think the prices are very reasonable. For anyone looking for 6mm buildings, I’d suggest they are very much worth a look. Website is at http://levenminiatures.co.uk/

Rat Rating: 9/10.

Monty the Desert Rat


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