I’ve been pretty busy here at Monty HQ working on my Winter Mat for the demo games I’ll be running around the shows this year (more of that in a future post!!) and also on some samples for a client and I thought I would share some photos with you. The winter mat first. This is designed to represent an area that is not thickly covered – it could be an area that doesn’t get deep snow or a time of thaw or the early part of winter, hence the grass and mud showing through. Anyway, the photos!

DSC01006 DSC01005 DSC01004

They were taken in the garage, so not the best lighting, but I hope you get the idea.

The next one is a desert mat sample. In this case I was looking to create an area of rock and scrub rather than pure sand. The idea is also that, with the addition of scattered greenery, this could become a more fertile area, such as nearer to water. And here are the pics:

DSC00989 DSC00996 DSC00995 DSC00994

And, finally, a jungle mat. As many of us know, the floor of primary jungle gets little light and so not much grows, we therefore wanted dead leaves, earth, detritus etc but with some low level growth. Again, the idea is that the addition of scattered bushes would turn this into secondary jungle. And the pictures:

DSC00991 DSC00990 DSC00993 DSC00992

I hope you like them!

Monty the Desert Rat

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