Next Saturday we will be at Pendraken’s excellent Battleground Show with the first exposure to the world of the “Adventures in Lardest Africa” Sharp Practise 2 supplement. Everyone is welcome to come and try their hand or simply watch the dramas unfold – the brief for participants is reproduced below and we look forward to seeing you there.

Monty the Desert Rat


It all started three days ago when they came to your house. The Umkiliwakosi tribe have been the subject of much attention by Her Majesty’s Representatives of late and you have been trying to negotiate a treaty allowing access to and through their lands. This has proved difficult. They are wary of outsiders and dubious about your intentions. But then your chance came! The runners arrived just before lunch (most inconvenient!) and reported that the Chief’s daughter, Okuhle Kakhulu, had been seized by the Umkiliwakosi’s long term and bitter enemies, the Amadoda Adle. They believe that the Amadoda Adle have taken her to sacrifice and then eat her as part of the assention of a new chief. The Chief of the Umkiliwakosi, Isisu Esikhulu, sent word that, if you returned his daughter safe and well, he would trust your words and agree to the treaty. So, off you went. You gathered a small party of local Askaris – 4 trained men and 6 not so well trained and, along with your companion, Archibald Trevelyan, set out in pursuit. You anticapted catching up with them just across the Amanzi Asheshayo river and instructed Sub Lieutenant Chalmers of the Royal Navy to gather some sailors, make ready the boat and meet you two miles up the Amanzi Asheshayo.  All has gone well. Moving quickly, you soon found the trail and were able to follow it with little difficulty. Closing fast yesterday afternoon, you set in place a plan to sneak into their camp in the dead of night and recover Okuhle Kakhulu, smuggling her out wihtout being detected. Your master plan succeded and you are now on your way back to the river, hoping young Chalmers has done as instucted. You have just taken a short break to refresh when you hear cries of “Naim, Naim”[1] echoing through the morning air. Time to move. Can you make it to the river and (hopefully) safety?


[1] Roughly translated as “Dinner’s here!”