This post has been due for some time and I may well be about to do myself out of some work! But I do feel this is well worth sharing. Courtesy of the chaps at TooFatLardies, I have been drawn to the Spanish Civil War and the Espana! supplement to their excellent Chain of Command rules. Anyway, as I’m busy working on other people’s stuff, I have been trying to build up what I need in the margins and one requirement was buildings – 15mm in my case. I happened across some on EBay and they looked both pretty decent and at a good price, especially as they came ready painted. Following the links there, I got to the source of these products – Area 9. I had a good look through their website and was stunned at the difference, or rather lack of it, between prices for unpainted and painted. There had to be a catch here, I thought to myself. Anyway, I dipped my toe in and got a couple through EBay and was really pleased. For a very good price, I got a nicely cast building with removable roofs etc and it was painted to a pretty good standard too. I have now bought lots more (no specifics, Blogs have ears!!!!!) and have built up a good collection of varied buildings and I am very happy with them indeed. I may have a tinker – add some creeper foliage, maybe repaint some of the detail to get a variety of colours, but that’s just me. I could equally just put them on the table and they would do perfectly good service. I have added some photos to the bottom of this post so you can see for yourselves, although these photos really don’t do them justice, and I really do recommend checking their website and EBay store:



Neil is also a really nice bloke to do business with.

Rat Rating: 8 ½ out of 10!


Monty the Desert Rat


DSC01412 DSC01411 DSC01413 DSC01407 DSC01406 DSC01410 DSC01405 DSC01409 DSC01408 DSC01418 DSC01417 DSC01416 DSC01415 DSC01414





A very short one this time, but the latest to pop off the workbench is some WW1 Germans and British – a mix of staff officers, officers, NCOs and gunners with their gun. The figures are all Great War Miniatures, which are very nice indeed, and are unbased as that is the way the client wanted them. Here are the pictures:

DSC01393 DSC01394 DSC01395 DSC01396 DSC01397 DSC01398 DSC01399 DSC01400 DSC01401 DSC01402 DSC01403 DSC01404 DSC01385 DSC01386 DSC01387 DSC01388 DSC01389 DSC01390 DSC01391 DSC01392


Monty the Desert Rat