Very much so! The lads of the Durham Club were great hosts and extremely helpful, especially to a one man/one rat band trying to do it all on their own! The atmosphere was very open and friendly, I thought the layout worked well, using the space to best effect, and I really do recommend a visit if you can be in the area at the time.

I had my Eastern Front Chain of Command set up there as normal (at least for this year!) along with my ‘pre-order collect on the day’ setup for Battlefront and Plastic Soldier Company. And here are some photos:


Hope to see you there next year,

Monty the Desert Rat



Now that I’m recovered from Deep Fried Lard II (an excellent day’s gaming), I thought I should post about the events of next weekend – THE DURHAM WARGAMES SHOW. This is a first time for me but I have heard so much good stuff about the Show that I am very excited to be going. I will be running 2 participation games as usual – both drawn from my Op WINTER STORM collection of scenarios and using TooFatLardies’ excellent Chain of Command rules and the associated campaign supplement: At the Sharp End. These will cover the opening events of WINTER STORM itself – the intial break in battle and then events on the left flank of the advance. Game 1 will start at 1030 and run to 1230; Game 2 will start at 1400 and run to 1600 – if you’d like to pre-book a place, please do drop me an email (the address is on the website if doing it from here proves difficult).

I’ll also have a load of stuff on the Bring and Buy – 15mm ACW, 15mm Eastern Front buildings, 28mm Fantasy, 20mm WW2, 15mm Pony Wars and other various items – should that be of any interest!

The Forces for the Day:

The Germans


OC: Unterfeldwebel Rolf Schweinsteiger

An Office Clerk in Augsberg since school, and then the army when called up. Age 48. As broad as he is tall, a barrel of a man.


Ober gefreiter Maximilian Flicke

A former Communist dock worker in Hamburg, he keeps quiet about his background now but leopards don’t change their spots. He hopes for better days in the future. Add +3 to age roll.
Age 35. A strapping 6 footer.
LMG 1 Maximilian Fliegle
ASST Daniel Lohner
RFN Tobias Kisslinger
RFN Leon Hafonstaangel
LMG 2 Fabian Lehman
ASST Lukas Lammesfelder
RFN Fabian Karge
RFN Paul Mòhlbach
RFN Jonas Artz


Gefreiter Michael Wallfisch

An inner‐city School boy from Berlin with a father in an armaments factory. He left the Hitler Jugend and joined the Army. He is a model citizen of the new Germany. Roll 1D6 only for age.
Age 23. Average, unremarkable appearance.
LMG 1 Jonas Pfeiffer
ASST Maximilian Ettmuller
RFN Tim Mosbauer
RFN Daniel Kolf
LMG 2 Tobias Saggau
ASST Felix Beerbaum
RFN Jonas Klinsmann
RFN Alexander Wiese
RFN Lukas Schwarzacher


Ober gefreiter Gert Oberkamp

A cabaret musician originally from Leipzig, he played with all the big stars before being called up. He still hankers for some “degenerate art” and listens on foreign radio broadcasts when he can.
Age 30. Tall and thin.
LMG 1 Julian Mellenthin
ASST Maximilian Beyer
RFN Paul Feinblatt
RFN Florian Scholze
LMG 2 David Backstedt
ASST Tobias Zobel
RFN Paul Fersten
RFN Julian Kresch
RFN Tim Reinelt

The Soviets

First Iteration – the rifle platoon


OC: Leytenant Dmitriy Vinogradov

He studied hard in the Tekhnikum in Sevastopol to learn the skills which you would use upon graduation to distribute bumper turnip crops to the peoples of all the Soviet Union. You are a loyal Party member and fine Soviet citizen.

Age 23, An average sort. Unremarkable.


Serzhant Yegor PetrovA mechanic from Moscow. He trained on engines and there is nothing about the internal combustion engine that you cannot fix. Age 27, A true bantam, short but full of fight.
LMG Maxim Sokolov
ASST Alexei Semyonov
RFN Nikolai Kozlov
RFN Aleksey Popov
RFN Ivan Golyubev
RFN Ivan Vasilyev
RFN Segey Kuznetsov
RFN Yegor Pavlov



Serzhant Ivan NovikovA clerk in an office in Kiev , involved with the implementation of the Five Year Plan. Age 24, A strapping six‐footer.
LMG Dmitriy Ivanov
ASST Andrey Morozov
RFN Mikhail Vasilyev
RFN Alexei Semyonov
RFN Yuri Kuznetsov
RFN Vladimir Vorobyrov
RFN Artyom Petrov
RFN Nikita Volkov


Serzhant Maxim LebedevA worker in a factory in Chelyabinsk producing much needed armaments. He volunteered for the Army when his factory was moved to the Urals to save it from the rapacious invader of Soviet soil. One day he will return, a hero of the Soviet Union! Age 23, A strapping six‐footer.
LMG Anatoly Zaytesev
ASST Alexsandr Vorobyrov
RFN Nikolai Solovynov
RFN Maxim Vasilyev
RFN Andrey Kuznetsov
RFN Mikhail Petrov
RFN Aleksey Morozov
RFN Alexsandr Vorobyrov



Serzhant Anatoly Pavlov A bookbinder in the Party Press Offices in Krasnoyarsk, he volunteered for the Great Patriotic War as soon as the fascist beasts invaded the mother country. He is an upstanding Soviet citizen.Age 28, An average sort. Unremarkable.
LMG Mikhail Ivanov
ASST Vladimir Pavlov
RFN Nikita Lebedev
RFN Yegor Volkov
RFN Yuri Popov
RFN Aleksey Pavlov
RFN Segey Smirnov
RFN Aleksey Kozlov


And the remnants of the cavalry platoon – will they re-appear?


OC: Leytenant Andrey Sokolov

He supervised the workers on the collective farm in Gerogia where bumper turnip crops were grown. He is a loyal Party member and fine Soviet citizen but his peasant background means he takes care to look after his men. Add +1 to the men’s opinion.

Age 25, tall and thin.


Serzhant Igor VolkovA worker in a factory in Kiev producing much needed armaments. He volunteered for the Army when his factory was moved to the Urals to save it from the rapacious invader of Soviet soil. One day he will return a hero of the Soviet Union!Age 27, an average sort, unremarkable. WIA POKHELBIN 5/12/42
LMG Anatoly Zaytesev
ASST Dmitriy Novikov
RFN Aleksey Popov
RFN Segey Sokolov
RFN Nikita Kozlov
RFN Yuri Smirnov
RFN Maxim Vinogradov KIA POKHELBIN 5/12/42
RFN Mikhail Petrov


Serzhant Nikolai SokolovA mechanic from Minsk. He trained on engines and there is nothing about the internal combustion engine that he cannot fix.Age 27, an average sort, unremarkable.
LMG Andrey Vorobyrov
ASST Yuri Vasilyev
RFN Yegor Petrov
RFN Anatoly Semyonov KIA MAJORSKI 5/12/42
RFN Vladimir Sokolov KIA MAJORSKI 5/12/42
RFN Maxim Petrov KIA MAJORSKI 5/12/42
RFN Igor Vinogradov
RFN Alexei Semyonov KIA MAJORSKI 5/12/42


Serzhant Yegor PopovThe son of a small shopkeeper in Eastern Russia, he fights for Holy Mother Russia in her hour of need.Age 21, An intellectual looking man of average to short height. KIA POKHELBIN 5/12/42
RFN Acting Serzhant(command radius 3″) Andrey KuznetsovA musician in the State Orchestra from Bryansk. His fingers are now scarred and dirty, but the work he does now is of greater importance than music. He fights for the rights of the workers and peasants of the world!Age 24, As broad as he is tall. A barrel of a man.
LMG Artyom Petrov
ASST Yegor Kozlov
RFN Maxim Morozov
RFN Ivan Golyubev KIA POKHELBIN 5/12/42
RFN Yuri Lebedev KIA POKHELBIN 5/12/42
RFN Segey Bogdanov KIA POKHELBIN 5/12/42
RFN Nikolai Vinogradov KIA POKHELBIN 5/12/42


Serzhant Daniil VasilyevA worker on a collective farm near Belgorod producing food for the Soviet people and their fraternal allies. The Army has been a harsh school, but he has survived and killed many fascists. His men look to him for leadership as they know he is one of them.Age 23, A strapping six‐footer.
LMG Yuri Vinogradov
ASST Vladimir Morozov
RFN Mikhail Smirnov
RFN Segey Ivanov KIA MAJORSKI 5/12/42
RFN Alexsandr Golyubev KIA MAJORSKI 5/12/42
RFN Yegor Kozlov
RFN Dmitriy Golyubev
RFN Dmitriy Zaytesev



Monty the Desert Rat



A reasonably productive week this week with some more stuff completed, so here goes!!

Some anti grav tanks

DSC01364 DSC01365 DSC01359 DSC01364 DSC01362 DSC01361 DSC01360 DSC01363

The last photo shows a chip where the headlight (a missing part) used to be!

And now for a Peter Pig Renault FT17 – Spanish Civil War flavour!

DSC01366 DSC01367

A couple of SCW armoured cars:

DSC01370 DSC01369 DSC01368

And some guns – again, Peter Pig:

DSC01371 DSC01372


Monty the Desert Rat