As I began my journey with my Wargaming World, I realised my old brushes would need replacing. Now I’ve always believed that brushes are key and that, for the detail work (i.e. not block painting terrain, for example) quality brushes are vital. I have always used sable and we have a local art shop, that has seen much business from me over the years. However, I have always had my eye on the very best of the best: Windsor and Newton Series 7. Anyway, lo and behold, my daughter (clever girl that she is), who is also a bit of an artist, bought me a set for Christmas and they are FAB!! Simply the best I have ever used. They form a perfect point time after time and have a large body to hold plenty of paint but I am overwhelmed by the control I have in bringing the paint off the brush. I have managed stuff in 6mm with ease that I used to struggle with in 15mm. I also think these will save me loads of time as I am not needing to go back and correct smudges and such. Anyway, brilliant. Apparently she got them from:

there is also a very interesting section on how they are made and a very important one on brush care. I find a 00 and an 0 are the ones I used most on 6mm and then the 0 and 1 on 15mm.

Rat Rating: 9½ out of 10

 Monty the Desert Rat