A couple that may be of interest:

World War One: A Layman’s Guide

The First World War Fact Book

Coutesy of JM on the TFL Group.

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I am delighted to say Richard Clarke of TooFatLardies has let me know that he will be using his Monty Mat at Abingdon this weekend – a great opportunity to see one of our prototypes but also to go along and see the TooFatLardies.

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Following on from the last post, some exciting Dust Tactics news from our chums at Battlefront:

Dust Tactics

“Wargames Illustrated is pleased to announce the inclusion of a FREE, 44-page Dust Tactics booklet with the March issue of the world’s premier tabletop gaming magazine.
“Wargames Illustrated have teamed up with the Battlefront Studio to publish this introductory guide to the world of Dust – a world in which WWII has continued into 1947 and alien resources have allowed the Allies and Axis to create heavy body armour, combat walkers, lasers and more and their quest to defeat the other.”

As well as introducing you to the background of Dust, your FREE Dust Tactics booklet provides a set of rules for playing Dust as a tabletop board game.

The Dust Tactics booklet is available with all printed and digital copies of WI317.

Visit The World Of Dust website to learn more about the Dust universe:”

And remember, you can order your Dust Tactics products through us here at Monty HQ for collection at Shows or during Club visits!

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Right, chums, BIG news! As many of you may know, we are going on the road around Scotland and the North East in 2014 in association with TooFatLardies to bring you as series of participation games using “Chain of Command” and set during Operation WINTER STORM (WINTERGEWITTER) – the drive to link up with the Stalingrad garrison. Anyway, I am delighted to say that we will also be able to take pre-orders for Plastic Soldier Company and Battlefront products for collection on the day and, potentially at a significant discount! So:

What’s included? Pretty much everything on the PSC website ( including Zvezda and Minairons but excluding Vallejo paints. For Battlefront, again, pretty much everything on the website ( including Gale Force 9. If in doubt, drop me an email ( and I’ll confirm.

What will I pay?

1. PSC:

i.      Minimum Order is £20.
ii.     Orders of £30 and more attract a 10% discount.
iii.    Orders of £70 and more attract a 15% discount.

2. Battlefront:

i.      Minimum Order is £40.
ii.     Orders of £60 and more attract a 10% discount.
iii.    Orders of £150 and more attract a 15% discount.

How does it work? Simple:

  1. Decide what you want, it’s probably best to use the relevant company’s website for this.
  2. Email me the Code, Description and Quantity
  3. I’ll reply with a price and bank details for payment – I need to be at this stage at least 2 weeks before the show or Club visit.
  4. I place a consolidated order.
  5. If anything is not available, I’ll be in touch, ideally for you to select an alternative but, if not, you will be refunded in full for missing items.
  6. I bring the items to the show/Club and you collect. The best times at Shows are first thing, lunchtime and last thing as I am a one rat operation and I’ll be running games in between those times.

Can I combine an order with my mates to get more discount? I’d be surprised if you didn’t!! I really want to make these excellent products accessible and, as long as I have one person to deal with, he or she can be ordering on behalf of as many as they like.
Are there other options for getting my hands on these products from Monty’s? Not really, I am not getting into the mail order business so this is by handover only. The whole idea sprang from realising that these products are not readily accessible in my area and a desire to help gamers get their hands on them at a good price. However, if the order is significant and some form of collection/delivery can be arranged, then that is a real possibility.

So, there it is, what I hope is a great opportunity for you all up here in Scotland and the North to get your hands on some excellent products at what I hope are great prices.
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Monty 1

Well, here we all are, the first instalment of the Rat Report – the Blog of Monty’s Wargaming World (! And a very big welcome to everyone. I shall try to post on a regular basis and reply to comments, but I am sometimes so busy that time will be at a premium, so please do bear with me. However, I will try to post at least once a week when I am not on holiday.

I should also start with some ground rules!

  1. EVERYONE is welcome here – gamer, nearest and dearest of gamers, beginners, experienced, the lot, you are all very welcome. Although I might have to think about any cats that come along!!
  2. Tolerance and respect are the order of the day, please behave with civility.
  3. There are no stupid questions and I do really mean that, so please ask away – we won’t judge.

I will also be talking about products on this Blog as I experience them, the opinions are entirely mine and I have been known to be wrong! I will be using a Rat Rating out of 10, but please be clear that 10s are only awarded to me (Monty!!) – perks of the job!

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